Adam Usher

Adam Usher is a Senior Research Consultant at Incept Labs and a Lecturer at Victoria University

Adam Usher is a Senior Research Consultant at Incept Labs, joining in 2014. He has twelve years’ experience in education as a teacher, teacher educator, researcher, and whole school improvement consultant. He previously held senior education consultancy roles at Nord Anglia PLC and at Independent Schools Victoria, as well as leadership roles at schools and executive roles at professional teaching associations.

Maintaining involvement as a teacher educator and Work Integrated Learning Coordinator at Victoria University, Adam’s work includes the design, conduct, and evaluation of a theory in practice that re-conceptualises global education and learning for global citizenship. This is currently being used as the basis of collaborative projects with Global Gymnasier schools network in Denmark and the Asia Education Foundation in Australia.

Although primarily from an education background, Adam’s skills are also used to assist clients’ and address their needs in other areas. He has been involved in a number of qualitative data collections, and provides on-going support and analytics.

Adam Usher

Senior Research Consultant

Incept Labs

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