Not focusing on reacting to changes in the environment, but proactively shaping it

Uncertainties should be exploited as opportunities. Reaction waits for the future to shape you; resilience lets you shape your future.

 Incept Labs draws on its world leading research into individual, corporate, and community resilience to support individuals and institutions to increase their adaptability and sustainability. This includes supporting leaders and teams to develop their capacity to learn, and to adapt and shape their internal and external environments. We can map critical dependencies which arise through both formal and informal social networks and the feedback associated with complex value and supply chains.

We believe that organisations are best placed to confront the uncertainties ahead if they plan to change and shape themselves and their environment, instead of waiting to react to changes that are forced upon them. We work with entities to help them map a path forward by critically analysing the existing environment, surfacing the deep assumptions, and developing strategies which never taken business as usual for granted.

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