Research Expertise

Incept Labs, using innovative and proprietary evidence-based research techniques, delivers transformational organisational insights and meaningful strategies. These insights help clients to not only more fully understand what issues currently confront them, but also to prepare and plan properly for the future and uncertainties ahead. Below you can read more about our areas of research expertise, and how our research techniques and results have helped other clients.

Education & Learning

Incept has been actively involved in world leading educational research for the past 10 years. We have undertaken extensive studies on the role of culture and leadership in school improvement and system wide educational reform.

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In a more global and connected world, the number and type of threats confronting organisations is ever increasing. How well are you prepared for these challenges?

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Innovation is much more than having ideas. Organisational culture, structures, and processes must be designed to foster exploration of new spaces.

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In a more connected environment, threats and opportunities confront organisations more frequently and with greater intensity. So how do you take control of this environment?

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