Incept Labs helps SMEs, large corporates and Government deal with uncertainty in current and future environments. We place great emphasis on collaboration, engaging multiple stakeholders in a tailored, and responsive process informed by experience, deep insight and quality evidence.


Incept applies sophisticated social research methodologies to collect quality evidence and make sense of wicked policy problems. Our research supports situation improvement in complex and changing environments.  

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The most resilient organisations are those that shape their future environment, not those that play catch-up. We use our extensive experience to help organisations turn trends into strategy and begin shaping their future marketplace through innovation.  

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Sharing expertise and knowledge assists organisations to understand where they are and think deeply about where they are going. Through decades of research, innovation, and leading strategy, we have a wealth of knowledge to share and inspire.

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Education Insights

What are the attributes of an effective learner?

29 June 2015  |  By Dr Chris Goldspink

There is a bundle of attributes that research has identified as being critical for a good learner. What are they and why is this important ... Read more

Why Do We Need to Transform Schooling?

24 April 2015  |  By Dr Chris Goldspink

It is now uncontroversial to say that schooling does not work for a large number of learners. The evidence as it relates to many disadvantaged... Read more

Transforming Schooling: Why we must and what it will take

01 April 2015  |  By Dr Chris Goldspink

School does not work for too many of our young people and is also failing our wider societies. In a series of posts I am going to outline how... Read more

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